Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weapon Skill Gear Comparisons - Legs

I alluded to this in a previous post. I've been working on a named figure to rate individual pieces of gear in terms of overall effectiveness for Dragoon. I'm hoping what I develop will work over all melee stats, but it's hard to say that it will given the fact that every job has different bonuses from various pieces of gear.

An example I've been turning over in my head is something like Ares Legs vs. Hecatomb Subligar. First, the stats:

Now if you remember from this post, I went over the details of my current armor. In the legs slot, I'm using Conte Cosciales. Putting all of these stats side by side, we see:

The three main primary modifiers for Dragoon are STR, Accuracy, and Attack. Referencing the previous post again and recalculating everything for the other pieces of gear, we get the following numbers:

Two things to note at this point:

1. I did not factor in the attack difference from gaining or losing STR. Just the raw Attack + numbers as I felt it wasn't going to make a huge difference in the final numbers that are shown later in this post.

2. All of the following numbers are calculated against our Level 82 Greater Colibri. Defense 330, VIT 69, 25% piercing damage bonus, using Drakesbane, yada yada.

A lot of people tend to underestimate the power of raw attack and it's effect. This obviously depends on what weapon skill modifiers you're currently using since a modifier of DEX won't get used too much if you're focusing on raw attack, but even then...attack on a piece of gear in large quantities and especially in tandem with +STR will add a lot of value to a piece. I'm not saying go and load up on every single piece of +Attack gear you can get your hands on since +STR will add +Attack as well. I am saying don't overlook the numbers though.

The numbers using those formulas:

Here you can see the drastic effect all that extra attack from Hecatomb Subligar had on your pDIF values. fSTR took a hit obviously, but it was minimal.

And the final results looked like this:

What does all this actually mean? Are those numbers suggesting that Conte Cosciales are better than Ares's Flanchard? Did I just dispel a myth?


The wildcards in this are the Double Attack+2% and the Accuracy percentage. Looking at these comparisons, they both look the same, but don't forget that using Ares's Flanchard caps the all-important accuracy in this WS set up. Over a long merit party, Ares's Flanchard would beat out Conte Cosciales and has the potential to spike your damage thanks to the extra double attack. Hecatomb Subligar kicks the crap out of both of them from a numbers standpoint though.


If you've been following my math lessons the past few posts, you will remember the emphasis I placed on capping your Accuracy as high as you're comfortable capping it. Using Hecatomb Subligar places my accuracy cap well over the 95% ratio. Literally to the point where I could swap out something like my Love Torque in favor of a Justice Torque to push my damage higher. Using Ares's Flanchard, I'm not really afforded that opportunity, but I'm still at the accuracy cap against Greater Colibri and I'm set up for a few eye popping numbers if/when Double Attack kicks in. Also, again I'm sure I've dumped some wrong numbers in there somewhere. Feel free to point them out to me if I have and I will correct them when possible.


Canuck's birthday today, so I'll dedicate the rest of my normally used up blog space with his birthday gift:


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