Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots of Info...

There's a lot to get to, so I'll just get right to it.

SE's released a couple of bombshells (or at least what most consider to be bombshells) since my last post. I did a lot of job speculation in that post and SE confirmed a few of the things I speculated about. Doesn't mean it's good though.

Job Abilities (Part 1):

Divine Caress: (WHM Lv.83 Ability Delay: 1 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.) If the next spell you cast cures a status ailment, your target will gain enhanced resistance to that ailment.

Did WHM really need yet another buff? A one minute ability coupled with a one minute endurance makes this sound like yet one more thing for a WHM to keep up with. Might be handy in situations where a critter is known for spamming a certain enfeeble or two, but the effectiveness of this is definitely going to be called into question. Does it make you virtually immune? Is it basically casting Bar-whatever? Is it going to work in conjunction with an Accession removal thus making SCH a rather permasub? Who knows...

I do know this...time to shift your focus to other support jobs SE. WHM is a powerhouse now.

Saboteur : (RDM Lv.83 Ability Delay: 5 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.) If the next spell you cast is enfeeblement magic, its effect and duration will be enhanced.

I had semi-speculated about this before and I'll stand by my previous comments. If this doesn't do anything over the caps for enfeebles, it's pretty much pointless. On top of that, 5 min delay vs. 1 min duration...something seems off there.

Spur: (BST Lv.83 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 90 sec.) Grants "Store TP" effect to pets.

I don't know enough about BST to really make an educated comment on this, but I would venture to guess depending how much that Store TP value is will determine just how useful this ability turns out to be.

Tenuto: (BRD Lv.83 Ability Delay: 15 sec. Effect Duration: 1 min.) If the next song you cast affects yourself, it will not subsequently be overwritten by other songs.

This looks like something that was long overdue. Now give COR something like this and you're set.

Soul Jump: (DRG Lv.85 Effect Duration: 3 min.) Delivers a high jumping attack on a targeted enemy which suppresses enmity. Effect enhanced when wyvern is present. The recast timer for Soul Jump is shared with High Jump.

From previous comments, I'm still not particularly sure where SE was going with these jumps. The TP bonus from Spirit Jump is nice and it'd only follow the pattern for TP to be added to Soul Jump, but this pretty much rendered our Jump timers mostly useless if building TP is your thing. Given the extra damage from the VIT modifier on the regular jumps, I'll probably opt to just use Jump in conjunction with Soul Jump for the time being if things play out the way they did with Spirit Jump.

Blood Pact: Ward "Earthen Armor": (SMN Lv.82 Ability Delay: 1 min.) Mitigates the impact of severely damaging attacks for party members within area of effect.

Seems like something was lost in translation here. Is this basically a more potent stoneskin? Does it just reduce damage if you get crit. hit?

Blood Pact: Ward "Tidal Roar": (SMN Lv.84 Ability Delay: 1 min.) Lowers attack for enemies within area of effect.

This sounds rather useful if a critter isn't immune to it. Then again, I'm not sure I know of many things that are actually immune to this sort of enfeeble. SMN may have just found itself a more permanent spot in the tank party.

Efflux: (BLU Lv.83 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.) If the next spell you cast is a "physical" blue magic spell, a TP bonus will be granted.

Sekkanoki v2.0 for BLU?

Courser's Roll: (COR Lv.81) Enhances "Snapshot" effect for party members within area of effect. Lucky number: 3. Unlucky number: 9.

Haste for CORs and RNGs alike. Biggest question much faster will this kill your Rangers?

Blitzer's Roll: (COR Lv.83) Reduces melee attack delay for party members within area of effect. Lucky number: 4. Unlucky number: 9.

Something long overdue for Corsair. Been some debate over whether it actually reduces the weapon delay (thereby screwing with your TP builds) or if it's just a form of haste. COR is already a valuable asset to have in most situations and, personally, I don't really care if it messes with my delay. I have other Store TP gear options I can pick up w/o sacrificing much of anything else. Swinging faster never really hurt anyone...


Feather Step: (DNC Lv.83 Ability Delay: 15 sec.) Lowers a target's critical hit evasion. If successful, will earn you a finishing move. The recast timer for Feather Step is shared with Steps.

This one has me intrigued a bit. DNC has really found a niche for itself thanks to haste samba, but if this gives them the ability to actually directly increase their party's damage output in a manner that's essentially equivalent to having Minuet or various Corsair rolls, holy shit. If it's something like a 5% increase in crit hits overall, look out.

Job Traits (Part 1)

This will essentially be a few quick blurbs about what each of the jobs listed will be getting.

MNK/NIN: Again, who does skillchains anymore and more importantly, who does skillchains with Monks and Ninjas? Thanks for the boost in damage SE, but unless these jobs are subbin' SAM and abusing Sekkanoki, I can't imagine this will change any perception about their overall impact on endgame in general.

WHM: This should have gone to RDM unless SE is positioning WHM to be a tank. Which is possible I guess...

RDM: See MNK/NIN. Also see, RDM nuking?

THF: DW1 = Hosed. Guess it's a nice option, but back to wielding 1H THF knife while soloing you go THFs...

DRK: Because DRKs didn't have enough ways to die fast. Can't wait to see the effect this has on Kreoss' Ragnarok though...

BRD: Useful I guess if a BRD wants to whip out a Joytoy and take a couple swipes at a bad guy while running through their song rotations. This is also another trait that should have gone to RDM.

COR: Ok, awesome. Now fix their Marksmanship skill.

PUP: Still LOL. Just 99.8% LOL now.


A number of interesting things in this category. I'll simply go down the list by jobs:

Red Mage: Getting a number of spells. Refresh II is obviously the huge one. Addle can be awesome as long as 99% of the things in this game aren't immune to it. Gain-VIT, Gain-MND will likely follow the same pattern as the Bar-spells and as long as they can be used with Accession, should be useful for RDMs overall. Aero IV also coming down the pipe as well, but that was to be expected.

White Mage: Cura II, Boost-VIT, Boost-MND. Cura could already go beyond Curaga II in terms of healing potency and made it the most efficient AoE curing spell available to WHM as long as Afflatus: Misery was active. Cura II likely continues that trend. I'd speculate it's probably going to be along the lines of Curaga IV potency. Boost-VIT and Boost-MND are like the AoE versions of what RDM is getting.

Paladin: Enlight. Probably screws over Excalibur and Hauteclaire owners a bit, but the bigger questions will be it's enmity generation, duration and MP cost. Seriously doubt this changes much of anything in regards to tanking though.

Black Mage: Likely got the lion's share of ZOMG spells. Aspir II, Aero V, Break, Stoneja, and Waterja. First, Aspir II will probably have the same effect on BLM as Refresh II has on RDM. My thoughts on Break are similar to Addle. Very useful if 99% of the bad guys in this game aren't immune to it. Personally, I thought RDM should have picked this spell up instead of BLM, but that's relatively minor. Aero V was to be expected. The use of -ja has me perplexed a bit though. Are they taking the Cura approach with BLM nukes now? More MP efficient? Damage potentially increased by how much you've dished out? AoE that doesn't draw that much hate? Extra magic burst damage? Time will tell, but as was stated at Vanafest.

BLMs are basically like a fly that just nukes and nukes until it gets swatted down. They apparently now have more tools at their disposal to draw the attention of the swatter.

Scholar: Animus Augeo, Animus Minuo, Water V, Regen III. Those enmity spells could be huge. The rest aren't a surprise at all.

Bard: Ballad III, Earth/Water Carol II, Foe Lullaby II, and Sentinel's Scherzo. Well Ballad III is def. huge. Foe Lullaby is right up there and likely means Horde Lullaby II is coming down the pipe. Lots of speculation on what Ballad III will actually do, but until someone actually sings the song and sees it, no one will know. It's safe to say Ballad III and Ballad II likely are replacing the standard Ballad II/I combo. The 2nd tiers of carols will come in handy against specific monsters (think Tiamat, Sarameya, Krabkatoa etc...). No telling what the hell Sentinel's Scherzo is, but the word "Sentinel" is associated with Monks quite a bit in this game but is actually defined as some form of guarding. Scherzo is a musical term that essentially means "fast".

My guess would be this song does something to one's counter rate.

Dark Knight: They get Aero III and EnDark. Endark is a little bit of a surprise, but not so much since this and it's counterpart have essentially been in the game for a while. Most recently on the Plaga Scythe. I'll still contend this is simply another way for a DRK to get themselves killed faster, but we'll see what happens with it.

Ninja: Myoshu: Ichi, Yurin: Ichi. Uh...what? More tools for Ninjas to carry around? Tons of speculation on what these will actually do. Drakus seems to think they'll follow the Aisha: Ichi mold and do something along the lines of Evasion and Defense Down. If that's the case, do they stack with the other things (like Gungnir's def. down proc or Angon) that are similar in nature? Aisha: Ichi actually turned out really good for NIN, so hopefully these follow the same mold.

Weapon Skills

SE released the a video (seen below) today of more new Weapon Skills. There's part of me that simply facepalmed at the notion of yet another weapon with a specific weapon skill tied to it.

Then there was another part of me that figured most people would never get these Weapon Skills if they tied them specifically to their Emp. Weapons. It's pretty obvious now that SE had no intention of people getting these weapons in a reasonable amount of time, which made me feel better about my (continued) time investment into Gungnir, but do these weapon skills really look like they're added incentive to get the Emp. Weapons? They're still unfinished yes, but I'm still a little baffled at how they're handling these things.

Anyway, screengrabs of each weapon skill and a quick blurb on what I think of them:

Cloud Splitter:

Looks thunder-based...

Chant du Cygne:

Name actually translates to "Swan Song", or last act. I guess you could say the Zorro Z was always his last act in a battle. Maybe fire-based like a number of other sword weapon skills.

Victory Smite:

Combo +1? Even the same sound effect...

Rudra's Storm:

A quick wiki search of "Rudra" shows a mythological wind god. Lines up with most of the rest of dagger's weapon skills and the animation supports this. Although part of me thinks that's an awfully dark tornado...


"Tor" is a rocky pinnacle. Cleaver is self-explanatory. The animation is a rocky cleave. Earth-based probably.


AoE damage? Aside from being a named ripped out of Star Wars lore apparently...I can't really tell if this is a healing or damaging weapon skill. Leaning towards healing...

Jishnu's Radiance:

There's probably some sort of mythological reasoning behind the name of this weapon skill, but for humor's sake, I'm just going to say a developer at SE is a fan of this guy.

Ukko's Fury:

Two-hit? AoE? Hard to tell. They dipped into Finnish mythology for the name though.


I'LL GIVE YOU PRETTY PRETTY...demon wings? Does it do 0 damage if you've got this flowing through you?

Camlann's Torment:

Very cool reference to King Arthur's final battle. Half-hearted animation though. Looks like half a Geirskogul.

Tachi: Fudo:

Likely a reference to the Buddhist god Acala. Fudo is the Japanese version of him. I'll go with the destroyer version depicted in wiki for the inspiration behind this WS. Probably the 2nd coolest animation out of all of them presented in the video.


More flowers! Probably some sort of self-buffing weapon skill as it's club and that's generally what they do. Referencing possibly Dagon, a fish god or nature god in several different mythologies.


Typical gun WS. Aim, point, blow shit up.

Blade: Hi:

Likely the best animation they've put in for this batch. I mean, who wouldn't get excited at the prospect of sending a dragon straight up the ass of a bad guy? I can't think of a better way to say "Hi" than that really...


I'm starting to get rather excited for the update. Mostly because it's either coming really soon or SE has some bigger stuff to tell us before it happens. We still have Job Adjustments Part 2 incoming (guessing Wednesday). I'm guessing the update will actually happen on Sept. 13th.

There's not much that's been shown so far that's really surprised me, but there are a lot of much needed additions being shown and that's a lot to get excited about.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More DRG Refinements?!??

SE Released this blurb today...

The impending version update will usher in the second stage of the level cap increase, bringing players' maximum attainable level from 80 to 85!

To provide a fitting challenge to players who achieve these newfound heights of power, we will be adjusting monster level and placement in certain Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas to create daunting new battlegrounds.

A host of new abilities, job traits, and spells will also be added for the newly-unlocked levels. Needless to say, these will be designed to provide players with exciting new possibilities while preserving game balance as they achieve even higher levels in the future.

New Job Abilities

- White Mage: An ability offering increased resistance against status ailments.
- Red Mage: An ability that enhances the potency of enfeebling magic.
- Bard: An ability that prevents songs cast on oneself from being overwritten.
- Beastmaster: A new pet command.
- Dragoon: A new jump.
- Summoner: New blood pacts.
- Corsair: New phantom rolls
- Dancer: A new step.

New Job Traits

- Monk: Skillchain Bonus
- White Mage: Shield Def. Bonus
- Red Mage: Mag. Burst Bonus
- Thief: Dual Wield
- Dark Knight: Crit. Atk. Bonus
- Bard: Fencer
- Ninja: Skillchain Bonus
- Corsair: True Shot
- Puppetmaster: Crit. Def. Bonus

New Spells

- Enhancement spells that increase the attributes of party members
- Magic spells to manage enmity levels
- A song that reduces damage taken by party members
- New ninjutsu
- New blue magic spells

These new abilities will be covered in further detail in future articles, so keep watching this space!

Naturally, the part that stood out to me was:

- Dragoon: A new jump.

After what they did with Spirit Jump in regards to it's shared Jump timer, I'm going to approach this with a bit of trepidation. The picture given doesn't really offer any clues.

It begs the question though...

Does SE really think DRG needs more refinements? As it stands, it's only real weak point is it's inability to control the wyvern the same way a BST, PUP, or SMN would control their pets. It's already one of the more powerful soloing jobs in the game. It's not going to win spike damage awards for zergs, but it's typically going to hold it's own.

The addition of Spirit Link modifications, Spirit Jump's bonus TP and Sekkanoki (from SAM sub) have essentially turned this job into a bit of a WS monster. While that's not unlike most jobs that typically sub SAM now, it's set apart by it's ability to shed hate. Which means the DRG is typically alive longer than anyone else.

The number of JAs a DRG/SAM has is already ridiculous. A quick run down:

Spirit Surge
Call Wyvern
High Jump
Spirit Jump
Super Jump
Spirit Link
Third Eye
Ancient Circle
Warding Circle
Deep Breathing

That would be 16 JA's worth of timers to keep track of. Not complaining, but rather pointing out DRG is already very flexible and potent. While a WAR has the same number, almost every one of their JA's are oriented towards offense. Same with DRK. Now SE is adding another Jump and I really have no idea what it could be. While I suspect it's going to be something along the lines of Lancer, it really wouldn't surprise me if SE just added a 5th jump that shared the timer with High Jump. If this is the case, then it seems rather obvious what 2 of the "super merits" will be once they introduce them. Spirit Jump and "New" Jump timer reductions.

Adding another offensive Jump JA that gives TP on it's own timer will simply break DRG. Not that I would mind being broken in a good way, it just doesn't mesh with their whole "game balance" schtick.

Other Teaser Thoughts

Red Mage

RDM appears to get the shaft again. Magic Burst Bonus? Do people actually do skillchains anymore? Are RDMs actually used a lot for nuking? What's the point of this if the only time RDMs generally nuke is when they're soloing? Seems like it's just a bone to throw to them.

Add that to the fact that Bard is getting Fencer natively and WHM is getting Shield Def. Bonus natively and it just makes you scratch your head quite a bit at what SE's idea of RDM actually is now. That's not to say RDM isn't a strong job and a lot of other support jobs have caught up with or even surpassed RDM's abilities, but it just seems to me SE really has no idea what role they want this job to fulfill.

RDM has generally been a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. It was basically a SCH before SCH existed in this game. It could bounce back and forth between main healer or nuker with ease and solo (albeit very slowly) things no other job could even sniff. In a number of situations, you could even utilize them to tank.

However, with the enmity adjustments to the spells RDMs most commonly used to hold hate, RDM tanking isn't what it used to be. WHM has apparently become the darling mage to SE and has received god knows how many boosts and adjustments over the past couple years. The addition of SCH pretty much gave RDM a rival in terms of efficiency, but SCH has the ability to AoE buffs, mini-convert and has access to higher tiers of nukes. RDM seems to have just become the Enfeeble King while all the other support jobs around it continually receive boosts or spells (via leveling) that made RDM unique.

Again, it doesn't mean RDM is completely useless. I won't turn my nose up at all to them. Depending what they do with that "Ability that enhances the potency of enfeebling magic" they teased, they could be on their way to making a comeback. As Kaelis pointed out to me earlier, if that new JA allows an enfeeble to exceed the cap, it's game on, but as it stands, he can hit the slow cap on monsters with just one merit in Slow II and the use of gear, so that JA is essentially useless. Couple that with the fact that on most stuff that matters, targets are immune to most enfeebles anyway.

I suspect it's all but inevitable that RDM will eventually get Raise 2 and Cure V, both of which will go a long way towards boosting their main healing efficiency again. There's also the blurb in there about "Enhancement spells that increase the attributes of party members". RDM is the current king of Enhancing Magic from a skill standpoint, so hopefully that means they'll be seeing these spells in their repertoire. There's speculation said spells are going to be Brave and Faith, which would be huge, but if that's the case, those spells sound a lot more SCH-oriented than RDM oriented. Especially when you consider most of RDMs "enhancing magic" is related to self-only spells and SE specifically states "of party members".

Time will tell though...


Thief getting native Dual-Wield is huge. I believe this means they will become a much larger force in terms of offense. Obviously depends what level of DW they actually get natively, cause if SE just gives them DW1, expect lots of QQing and no change whatsoever to their current habits.


This is another job in sore need of attention. It's basically become PUP in terms of usefulness. Actually, it's probably behind PUP in terms of usefulness now. They're getting...JT: Skillchain bonus and "New ninjutsu". Three questions spring to mind:

Who does skillchains anymore?

Is "ninjutsu" singular or plural?

Does SE know no one knows if "ninjutsu" is singular or plural and is just being vague?

I hope they get some of the :San spells they've been needing. Utsusemi: San wouldn't be game breaking given most critters people fight have a wide variety of AoE moves at their disposal. With the -PDT katanas in the Magian Trials and the creation of the Versa set (which does nothing in terms of haste...), it seems SE is starting to pave the way a bit to give NIN the ability to survive a little easier. Tactical Parry was a bit of a step in the right direction and Aisha: Ichi seems like a good way to help extend survivability (if it lands).

I may just be a little biased or looking at this from a glass half-full perspective though...

Give them some Enmity ninjutsu, Utsusemi: San and then watch 'em work SE.


Just when you think Bards hated SE enough...

Along comes "A song that reduces damage taken by party members".

Will that be potent enough to justify losing march, madrigal or minuet? Guess that depends on what you're fighting. In BRD-swap situations, I can see one minuet or a madrigal being given up to have this song placed on. Einherjar comes to mind against foes like King Behemoth. Zergs against guys like Briareus might find this song very useful too. This is definitely something worth watching and testing.

Bard getting the Fencer job trait seems kind of pointless. I don't know of many Bards that actually go out and solo. However, given that Bard has access to a ton of good WS gear, maybe this is a good way for them to blow off some steam over having to change to bard in the first place. Not that they have any real good ratings in weapons aside from the B- in Dagger...


Dark Knight

Getting the job trait "Crit. Atk. Bonus". Really? DRKs needed this? Ok...thanks I guess?

(Note to self: Pray third eye isn't a bitch).

Enmity Spell

So which job(s) is getting that? When they say manage, do they mean multiple spells? One that increases enmity and one that decreases it? How much fun could I have by casting a spell that increases enmity on someone? >:D

Obviously, that's only if that spell can be cast on other people. I doubt it's going to be related to Ninjutsu since SE went out of their way to give that it's own blurb. But...

...what if it's a level 42(?) RDM spell? Does this make PLD/RDM much more viable as a tank? Hell, does that put NIN/RDM back in the tank discussion? Speculative at this point, yes, but rather fun to think about.


Nothing real exciting here for now. I would imagine once more details emerge, we'll know just how much of an impact these changes will have. Jury's going to stay out on the new jump for DRG until I actually see a better description of it as well as a lot of the other stuff here.

One thing for certain though: Massive RDM and NIN QQ'ing will be coming.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

MP Grimlock

Finally got my hands on one of these...

Being able to do that makes it completely worth it. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Productive Week is Productive

Pretty productive week in game. I'll go events first, then personal stuff.


Learning more and more each run that Lv.80 is pretty much the difference between Obsidian needing 30+ people to win and needing 20 people to win. We ended up mauling T3 Saturday morning with 23 people. Granted, the room was kind of a slouch, but usually, the boss fight is the tell-tale sign of how strong your group is. We had Cerb and, while the fight went on a little longer than I would have expected, he still went down with relative ease.

The T3 prior to this one saw us fighting Behemoth with 31 people. Typically, KB rapes most groups. He's the only boss I dread seeing pop. Our 31 man group destroyed him in less than 30 seconds. I'm not sure if we just got a gimp KB, but not even one Meteor went off. Gives me quite a bit of hope in regards to the future of this event.


We knocked out Briareus for the first time using the CS/Stun + Zerg method we commonly use against Dynamis Lord. The fight dragged on long enough that we actually ran out of CS/stun and ended up getting a little sloppy the last 5%, but needless to say, they pulled it out. After finishing him off, we teleported out for a few job changes so we could start hunting other NMs and gathering key items for the Behemoth boss of the plateau. I'm currently missing the Carabosse key item.

We attempted her during the same run, but that fight seems to be more about outlasting that damn fairy than it is anything else. We simply ran out of time since we had burned up a lot killing the Ram NM, the Liege Fly NM, the smaller fairy NM, Megamaw Mikey, Chasmic Hornet and Piasa. This run was easily our most productive out of all that we've done thusfar.

Saturday saw us going into Tahrongi for an XP session turning into an NM hunting session. I just have to say, Adze is a bitch. I hate gnats. I now hate gnat NMs even more. Along with Adze, we farmed up items to pop the manticore NM and we took down Minhocao as well. The good news from this is while farming the manticores, huge gold chest popped that gave me the 2nd item needed to pop Lacovie. Not anything I'm going to pop any time soon, but we have a set. :)

HQ Stuff

Ended up going 1/19 on these after getting another abjuration. This is part of a project I've started to tweak out most of my gear. Especially now that angel skins have finally bottomed out thanks to their addition in Abyssea and MMM (allegedly...). That's something that's been long overdue.

And as they say...

Out with the old...

In with the new...

Now for that damn cap (0/55) and the feet (0/10)...

Trial 1851

Ended up hitting this hard this week. We had Monday off from events and I ended up knocking out something like 300 of them. Wednesday saw me knock out another 300 or so. Friday saw me knock out 500. Saturday night saw me get below 500 remaining and Sunday saw me finish it off.

Naturally, when I saw this...

I knew this was coming...

Naturally, I can only say I really do not feel good that I completed this.

Off to the moogle I go...

Do I feel good that I don't have to grind anything for at least a couple weeks? Yes. It's just hard to enjoy completing this when you know something even more asinine is coming down the pipe from SE. I don't think my trial is the hardest relic trial by any means since I'm virtually whiff-proof thanks to the Spirit Link update, Meditate (if you have a pocket healer) and a few extra TP tweaks to DRG, but it's long and it's annoying. 1851 ended up going by faster than 1850 despite there being an additional 500 killshots.

In talking with Alaistair last night, we both feel like a trial could be something ridiculous like 10,000 uses of a WS as long as they aren't killshots and we'd be a little more accepting. Realistically though, what else can SE come up with for the relics? Going to call my shot right now for next update:

2000 killshots on Beasts.
2500 killshots on Birds.

Birds might be wishful thinking...

Anyway, DRG picked up +1 STR, +1 DEX, +3 Base Damage, +5 Accuracy over the weekend. Will be interesting to see how it stacks up on boss fights and whatnot.

Friday, August 13, 2010 Customer Service

Since Theora requested it, I'm going to try to tell this story mostly in pictures...

A few weeks ago, I ordered the following two items from

Shortly after the order...

I look at the tracking number and see I'll receive my order a in a couple days. A couple days go by, I receive my order and it is:

I pick up my:

I'm told I'll be sent:

This is so I can send back:

Before they'll send me:

They'll also confirm the "escalation" via:

Ok, whatever.

A week goes by:

Few more days:

"I'm sorry sir! We'll put an urgent notice on this escalation!"

Qtipus' Information

FFXI subscriber since NA release.