Monday, September 12, 2011

Special People

I do have to laugh at people getting bent out of shape in this game.  Normally, they're not worth me wasting time to blog about, but the story of Hazukii and his imaginary war with me is worth telling just for the lulz.  A while back, we apparently jumped his shout group trying to pop Cirein-Croin.  The ensuing conversation looked like this:

Aside from the fact he thinks I'm some sort of German, the biggest thing to take note of here the screenshot won't show is that there were multiple groups here.  There was apparently a trio who had taken forever killing.  Hazukii's group was all gathered up somewhere around the bridge area.  A third group including Spccdog was vying for the ??? as well.  The latter had been shouting his claim over the ??? in his typical obscene manner, which didn't exactly lend itself to us wanting to cooperate with him.  This event happened before SE added multiple pops for the big NMs in Abyssea, which really kind of renders the entire conversation moot at this point.

Anyway, Hazukii got butthurt over it, somehow thought a bunch of JP people would get pissed at me, ruin my reputation and globally blacklist me.  Newsflash to that part is that I don't interact with JP players enough to care.  I have shouts filtered for a reason.  If there's something I want to get done, I have a friend list.  If enough people aren't in linkshell or on my friend list to get said task done, I just go do something else.  I don't waste my time shouting or reading shouts to get things done.

Fast forward a few months and we're in the same general area of Abyssea.  I see Hazukii come up and actually ask for one of his friends to leech something from our group.  Imagine that...

Fast forward a few more months to this past Sunday.  Our scheduled event was to spam Amhuluk since we had a lot of demand for it's +2 items.  Earlier in the week, we had camped Asanbosam and generally filled up everyone who was there with KIs for it.  Just so happened this past Sunday, we had 5 people who weren't at the previous farming, so we decided to put KIs on them.  Turns out, Hazukii was in some sort of cruor party and he gets butthurt when we show up and started killing a few bats.  Nevermind they were bats we had aggro'd and there were probably another 20 or so floating around for someone to pull.  Also nevermind his cruor party was spread out mostly over the colibri.  Also nevermind the fact that if you're going to do a cruor party, using critters next to a relatively popular NM is just asking to get interrupted/slowed down.

He babbles something in /say that I missed.  I was only made aware of it when a few of our LS members collectively said "lolhazukii".  Then he sends me a tell and the conversation from that point pretty much mirrored the above screenshot, except he learned how to spell "douche", I'm apparently just like Hex and Obsidian is the "new resu".  Also, he again somehow thinks the reason he should waste his time to tell me these things is because, apparently, "it does me good to hear it".  There was nothing he said that I took offense to, but I blacklisted him cause I wanted to focus on stuff that mattered rather than feed some frail ego.

You see, he somehow thinks my M.O. (and thus, Obsidian's) is to just show up and wreck people's events.  I'm the first to admit we don't get along with everybody and I'm the first to admit if someone left our shell under bad terms, I'm not particularly prone to cooperating with them.  However, there are a ton of instances where we've changed our schedule around or politely asked "@?" when wanting to pop a particular NM and gone off to do something else if the number was large.  There are also plenty of times where we've been jumped by the very same shout groups Hazukii seems to participate a lot in.

The "cruor party" he was in was a sham at best.  The bulk of it moved slightly south to bounce between vultures and colibri after Hazukii left.  I even got to talk to a couple old buddies and made a new friend who all admitted they didn't know wtf was going on early on in that party when Hazukii was around.  I don't know who organized it.  I didn't get the impression Hazukii did, but one thing was clear...the party wasn't doing anything good.  It was all melee, one mage and a bunch of melee that didn't know how to survive apparently.  If that had even looked remotely more organized when we showed up, we probably would have asked what they were doing.  Given Asanbosam wasn't up when we got there, we figured they were there camping it and just got down to work ready to camp against them.

Later in the day, Hazukii shows up to Minax Bugard with a former LS member (Xanatos).  While I seriously doubt he ran to that NM with the intention of trying to slow us down, he certainly made up his mind to try to do so once he saw us.  I still had him on my blacklist at the time and I decided to take him off it when I saw some of my LS members defending me in /say.  Between what amounted to jabs about his choice of NIN gear and some other idiotic comments by him he apparently thinks phase me in the least, Drakus ended the conversation with "last word" spam.  I put him back on my black list once I had been entertained enough again.  One thing he said that was rather comical...

...somehow a DRG at an Abyssea event with 18 people is mega-lulz.  I don't know what he has leveled other than NIN and don't really care.  I do know what I have leveled and how long it had been at that point since I wasn't on a support, healing or treasure hunter job.  Typically others in the linkshell get to fill in the melee spots now.  So it was rather amazing he somehow went back to a 2004 job crack to try to offend me and showed just how uneducated he probably is.  Doesn't really matter what melee jobs you have in an 18 man abyssea alliance as long as you got the important staggers covered.  Sure...we could have brought in 7 WARs I suppose and killed a little faster, but hey...loldrg anyway.

Hazukii represents a source of comedy for us now.  Mostly because his jabs and ease of butthurt are so pathetically bad.  He may liken me to Hex or compare us to Resu.  He may do so having once been in Resu himself and drinking the Kool-aid.  He seems to love speaking w/o knowledge or viewing the entire picture though, which is pretty typical of one who gets butthurt so easy.  One thing I've learned in my travels in life...lonely and ignorant people are the fastest ones to become morally outraged.  Sad thing is, these outrages are typically based in their own selfishness to the point where the expression of outrage is just to draw attention to themselves moreso than to actually try to fix whatever pissed them off.  I'm guilty of it myself from years ago, but hey...everyone learns shit in their own time.  When morality simply becomes a crutch to fulfill one's own selfish desires, it becomes immoral.  It also becomes comedic.

He can have his little war if he wants.  No one in Obsidian cares enough about him to go chase him down or harass him.  It's like they say though...there are reasons why some people just don't get along with others.  To them, it's everyone else's fault.  To everyone else, it's button-pressing time when the inevitable blow-up happens.  Wonder if he actually knows he was being trolled when he "won" by popping Minax Bugard between our pops...

...probably not.

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