Thursday, December 9, 2010

New DRG Stuff from Dec. Update

Got DRG to 90 last night and had a chance to fiddle around with the new stuff SE gave us. Didn't do any in depth testing, but...

Breath Commands

- Both of the breath moves are actual pet commands and not stances as some had speculated.

- Neither breath appears to be gimped. All of the same factors apply that would normally apply when triggering these breaths normally.

- This basically means I have to start carrying around my Wyvern HP+ set even when I'm subbing SAM.

- They do not share a timer.

- You cannot target other players with Restoring Breath.

These additions are huge for DRG and a bit of a god-send for mages who hate that DRGs are such MP sponges. Being able to cure myself for a huge amount once every minute will likely help ease up MP consumption rates and make DRG a lot more effective from a soloing/duoing standpoint. Smiting Breath is useful not only just for damage output potential, but for manually hitting up magic bursts if the wyvern is smart enough to use the correct breath.

Dragon Breaker

Admittedly, I only used this once last night on Cuelebre. However, the reductions it caused were very noticeable. Looked like the effect lasted approximately 3 minutes as well. Again though, I was just eyeballing that and didn't pay super close attention to it.

AF3 Body + Hands

Shit those things are smexy. The full set is probably one of the best sets of armor I've seen in this game. I was impressed with the original pictures that were shown on the Heroes of Abyssea microsite, but those were on a Hume. On an Elvaan, there's a lot more to see. Screenshots soon to follow hopefully...

And...hopefully getting the +1 or +2 versions of it aren't all that difficult.

Lv.90 Gungnir

So after reducing the relic trials to basically nothing...(really? 80% reductions?), I learned what the requirements were for getting the Lv.90 version of my relic.

For the record, I went into acquiring this particular piece of knowledge with a little bit of hope given how much they had reduced the previous trials, but part of me also had a sense of dread considering just how much time I actually wasted trying to get to this point anyway.

The trial is....

Kill Dagourmarche 5 times.

Don't remember him?

Yeah he would be this guy.

So...after enduring the bullshit that was:

1500 Geirskogul uses on Amorphs.
2000 Geirskogul killshots on Lizards.
2000 Geirskogul killshots on Arcana
2000 Geirskogul killshots on Vermin.
2000 Geirskogul killshots on Aquans.

Then getting no-lube sodomized by their 80% reductions on the trials...

Now I have to trudge into Dynamis-Beaucedine a minimum of 5 times, run all the way up to Nue's tower (anyone who's ever popped attestation NMs know what a bitch this actually is), then kill said NM 5 times.

Nevermind the 500k entry fee (x 5).

Or the 72 hour cool down...

At least it's not 2000 killshots again.

The part about this that bothers me isn't really the trial itself, it's just what the pattern seems to establish. If I have to go kill this NM 5 times, I suspect Lv.95 Gungnir will require me to go kill Gungnir itself 5 times.

Which leaves killing DL or something else Dynamis-related 5 times for the Lv.99 version.

Obviously, SE could throw a curve ball and just change it to something different, but I somewhat doubt it. SE hasn't been very creative in the trials for relics (or mythics for that matter).

Good thing is, it means Rustnarok will be completed and I'll have a buddy to take these down with.

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